Independent Electoral Observation Mission to Scrutinise the 2019 District Council Election in Hong Kong

Sunday, November 17, 2019 1:58 PM

A group of Hong Kong volunteers has organised an Independent Electoral Observation Mission (“EOM”) to observe the 2019 District Council Elections in Hong Kong. The Mission comprises a team of leading politicians and experts, including Lord David Alton (UK), Mantas Adomėnas (Lithuania), Mr Kenny Chiu (Canada), among others.

The 3-day EOM aims to provide international politicians and other relevant stakeholders with an opportunity to observe the conditions surrounding the upcoming Sixth District Council Election ( “the Election”), against the broader context of the state of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in Hong Kong. It is co-organised by “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.” and “Hong Kong Story”, two non-governmental organisations established by Hongkongers who have been proactively advocating for international support for the city’s fight for freedom and democracy.

In response to the ongoing crisis in Hong Kong, the international community has consistently called on protesters and the Government to engage in “peaceful dialogue”. Governments around the world and international organisations have cited the Chief Executive’s belated withdrawal of the extradition bill in September as a sign of progress. However, the reality on the ground is that the Hong Kong Government has failed to sincerely engage with the protesters’ core demands including an independent inquiry on police brutality and genuine universal suffrage. Rather than seeking a political and peaceful solution to the ongoing crisis, the Hong Kong Government, with explicit backing from Beijing, has unleashed the full weight of the repressive, paramilitary Hong Kong Police Force on its people, a despicable crack down on dissent.

The upcoming Election, held once every four years, will be a litmus test for the prospect of a peaceful and sustainable resolution to the current crisis in Hong Kong. If this Election is allowed to happen without irregularities and state-backed intimidation, this may mark a step in the right direction towards finding a way out of the current impasse.

The objectives of the EOM are threefold: i) to allow independent observers to monitor whether the election is conducted in a fair and transparent way, and whether conditions are conducive to the safe exercise of the rights of political participation; ii) to enable independent observers to assess the viability of a peaceful and sustainable resolution to the ongoing crisis through existing political mechanisms; and iii) to facilitate the sharing of recommendations from experts and politicians as to how the Hong Kong government and the people of Hong Kong can seek a medium- and long-term resolution to the current crisis.

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一班香港義工組織了一個獨立選舉監察小組,並安排小組觀察2019年香港區議會選舉。參與今次 選舉監察小組之成員為主要政界人士及專家,包括英國 Lord David Alton 、立陶宛 Mr Mantas Adomėnas 、加拿大 Mr Kenny Chiu 等成員。

此觀察行動為期三天,為國際政界及相關人士提供機會,以觀察第六屆香港區議會選舉,並檢視 與選舉相關的民主、人權與法治之現況。觀察小組由兩個非政府組織「Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.」及「香港故事」合辦。兩個組織皆由香港人成立,以爭取國際支持香港民主自 由運動為目標。

國際社會已多次就香港危機,呼籲抗爭人士及政府展開和平對話。各地政府及國際組織曾歡迎行 政長官九月撤回逃犯條例,其雖遲但不失為向前一步,唯實際情況顯示香港政府並未能真誠回應 抗爭人士之核心訴求,包括獨立調查警方暴力以及推行真正普選。香港政府非但沒有尋求和平政 治出路以化解當前危機,反而在北京明確支持下,選擇通過香港警隊以半軍事式全面鎮壓人民, 明目張膽打壓異見。



選舉監察小組成立的目的有三。(一)、讓獨立觀察者觀察選舉,以監察選舉過程是否公正透明, 社會環境是否能讓選民安全行使其政治參與權;(二)、讓獨立觀察者衡量在現行政治制度下能否 有一和平長遠出路以解決當前危機;及(三)、促進政界人士及專家交流,提供建議,讓香港政府 及市民能尋求長遠解決當前危機之方案。

有關傳媒事宜請聯絡 [email protected].