Open Letter to US Congressional leadership to speak out against the emergency regulations ordinance

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Congressman Kevin McCarthy
Senator Chuck Schumer

On October 1, amongst the now “standard cocktail” of tear gas, rubber bullets, blue dye and aggressive beating of protesters, the Hong Kong Police Force used live ammunition for the first time and shot an 18-year old secondary school student one inch away from his heart. This marked a watershed in the now 4-month old crisis that has plunged our city to its lowest point since the 1997 handover.

Using the October 1 events as a pretext, on October 4 the Hong Kong Government invoked the Emergency Regulations Ordinance (ERO) to implement an anti-mask law. The ERO is a colonial-era law that gives the chief executive unlimited power in the event of an “emergency or public danger.” The ERO, introduced in 1922, has not been used since the 1967 LEFTIST RIOTS.

This law, which went into effect at midnight on October 4, banned protesters from covering their faces in full or partially during protests. According to Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, the regulation is a piece of subsidiary legislation, subject to so-called “negative vetting”. Hence, this essentially constitutes a unilateral executive order that bypassed any discussion or consultation with the Legislative Council.

The response from the people of Hong Kong is overwhelmingly negative. The Hong Kong government has now completely shrugged off any pretense of the rule of law. The mask ban is a tactic to incite a heightened response from Hongkongers, with a view to provoke further chaos in order to create an excuse to declare a state of emergency. This is a cynical ploy that aims to sow discord in our community.

We ask that the United States Congressional leadership issue a statement of solidarity in support of the democratic movement in Hong Kong, and to strongly condemn Hong Kong government’s latest move in eroding the rule of law.

The people of Hong Kong stand with all liberal democracies around the world in our embrace of the dignity of the human spirit, and fundamental human rights.

We need your support.

Thank you.


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