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Korea, Republic of

South Korea has close political links and trade relations with Hong Kong and Mainland China. On the other hand, South Korea is one of the most important allies with the United States in East Asia. The civil society and human rights NGOs in Korea voiced out their concerns about Hong Kong situation. However at this moment the trade war between Korea and Japan occupied most of the media space in Korea and there has yet been much attention on Hong Kong at the government level. There are 12,000 Korean nationals currently living in Hong Kong. Most Korean communities are located nearby the districts or police stations where the Hong Kong Police fired massive tear gas and used massive violence against the people.

As a Korean national, you may do this to help Hongkongers:

  1. Call or write to the parliament member of your district.
  2. Call on your government to raise public concern on the current situation in Hong Kong and safety for the Korean nationals in Hong Kong.

Solidarity Events Near You

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