Australia, a free democratic country, is proud of her democratic institutions, rule of law, freedom of speech, assembly and political participation. These basic human rights are under extraordinary threat in Hong Kong right now. Here in Australia, we must also be vigilant in protecting these rights.

In recent months, a number of worrying incidents had taken place in Chinese Australian communities all over the country. Pro-China activists repeatedly destroyed pro-Hong Kong posters and leaflets; on university campuses, students have been physically assaulted as they tried to stop these activists.

On August 16, at a peaceful rally supporting the Hong Kong democratic protests in Melbourne, a group of pro-China activists disrupted the gathering by chanting “China is great", and attempted to attack those on the scene. They were detained by the police.

The curbs on freedom of expression in Hong Kong can very well happen here in Australia, if the situation is left unchecked and nothing is done.

  1. If you are a university student, report your concerns to your university and urge for a safe place where anyone can publicly communicate any message without the threat of being disturbed or attacked verbally and physically.
  2. If you are an Australian, please be on the lookout for people who infringe upon the freedom of political communication.
  3. With regards to the Hong Kong Police Force’s brutality, we, as a group of concerned Australian residents and citizens, have drafted an open letter. We appeal to Australian residents and citizens who care about Hong Kong and Australia's freedom of information, expression and democracy to send a letter to Senator the Hon. Marise Payne, Minister for Foreign Affairs; and urge the Australian government to speak out against the HKPF's use of excessive force and communicate their concern to the UN Human Right Council meetings on behalf of the people of Hong Kong.

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